Our Program follows the principles of Child Development. Our goal is to give our children a creative and happy experience in a pleasant environment in which they will learn the disciplines of the classroom while enjoying hands-on and free-play activities during the school day. Daily structured activities vary between individual and group instruction. Each child learns at his or her own pace. Located in a cozy brownstone in the heart of Chelsea, The Kid”s Korner Preschool has been offering children ages 2 to 5 an exceptional learning experience since 1993. Each child”s curiosity, initiative and creativity is nurtured in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. We welcome children from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Celebrating Children

We celebrate each child’s unique interests, abilities and learning styles. Through various organized activities and free play, the program supports each child’s total development: social, emotional, intellectual and physical. Our child-centered approach to learning enables each child to explore and discover their world through first hand experiences in our classroom centers: reading corner, science, blocks and puzzles, computer, housekeeping, art, drama and music. Children also play everyday in our secure playground.