Watch: NAEYC Accreditation Video

The Kid’s Korner Preschool has achieved a new, five-year term of NAEYC Accreditation until 2025!

This year we are celebrating our 17th year of accreditation!

Our NAEYC Accreditation torch is a sign that your child will be safe, healthy, and learning each day. NAEYC has developed 10 standards for high-quality early childhood education. Having recently been reaccredited in the Winter of 2015, The Kid’s Korner Preschool has met these standards in which we provide a safe and healthy environment for children. We take pride in our well-trained and nurturing teachers, have access to excellent teaching materials and instill a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and challenging. Choosing an NAEYC accredited school gives you peace of mind that you have made a great choice for your child.