Its founder Yolanda Contrubis established the Kid’s Korner Preschool in October 1993. Yolanda was active in her children’s education early on and served as PTA President, Vice President and Treasurer. Yolanda is the Grandmother of four and for 20 years as Director instilled her motherly nature with staff and parents. Yolanda retired in 2013 which also marked the school’s 20th anniversary. Yolanda’s daughter, Jennifer Contrubis-Denza who joined The Kid’s Korner staff in 1994 as a teacher has happily taken over for her mother as Head of School. Jennifer is the mother of two boys 21 and 19 and has 30 years of experience in the field of Education. Jennifer has taught ages 2 through Kindergarten. Before becoming the Head of School, Jennifer was The Kid’s Korner’s Education Director. She also taught a transition 2’s toddler group before transitioning into her administrative role which was one of the highlights of her career at The Kid’s Korner. The Kid’s Korner continues to be run as a small family business whose goal is to foster a sense of an extended family. Our intention is to nurture a sense of community through the curriculum, community outreach and social events.

The Kid’s Korner Preschool is a play based school in which the program follows the principles of child development.  We take pride in being a community-centered school that provides an intimate and nurturing atmosphere. Our goal is to give our children an environment where they can creatively learn through child-initiated play during the school day. The classroom centers each provide experiences where learning flows organically. Each child’s learning style is addressed through planning and assessment in order to create an individualized program. The children at The Kid’s Korner Preschool learn at his or her own pace according to their developmental needs and interests.


The Kid’s Korner curriculum provides learning opportunities, in a well-planned environment, throughout the school day. Learning occurs from the morning when children arrive for free play and continue through experiences such as outdoor play, snack, circle time, center time, spanish, music instruction and trips. Children are involved in child-centered experiences through various learning centers in the classroom.  Each child will be encouraged to move through these centers, as they feel comfortable. Children will have the opportunity to explore at their own pace and are encouraged to challenge themselves. Teachers engage in play with children, provide assistance, observe and document children’s social interactions during learning center opportunities.

Children are encouraged to develop an awareness of others as well as a sense of “self” and individuality.  The program fosters both aspects of development; allowing time for group and individual play, share and reflective time and teacher and child initiated activities.

As an extension to our community inspired curriculum, several field trips are planned during the school year at which time parents are welcome to participate with their children. Monthly trips are planned to the library as well as school trips to the zoo, natural history museum or just short walks around the neighborhood.

We incorporate a documentation approach of children’s activities into our program. Each class has a documentation board in which parents can view activities in which teachers detail areas of development that promote social/emotional, cognitive, physical, fine and gross motor development. Photo documentation can be found throughout classroom centers as well.

Parent communication includes daily journals that encourage two-way communication between parent and teacher, daily message boards with classroom activities, “ask me about my week” newsletters from the classroom teacher, and monthly newsletters from the administration.

In June and August, we schedule home visits for teachers and enrolled Kid’s Korner families. The teacher spends time in the child’s home to create a bond between the teacher and child prior to the arrival to a new classroom. The teachers also have the opportunity to speak with parents about expectations, routines and goals for the school year.

Parents and teachers meet in the fall and spring to discuss their child’s progress at formal Parent-Teacher conferences. During Parent-Teacher conferences, each child has a portfolio, daily progress reports and an age appropriate evaluation for review. We also conduct two transitional phone calls in September and May to discuss beginning of the year adjustment and an end of year summary. Informal communication throughout the year is also encouraged, such as phone calls, emails and face-to-face discussions.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and at school events. Volunteering can include, but is not limited to reading in your child’s class, baking, taking photographs or helping with an art activity. On a larger scale, volunteering may include chairing an event such as, a bake sale, silent auction or holiday party. Monthly volunteer lists are emailed and posted in your child’s classroom.

I look forward to having your family become a part of The Kid’s Korner Family.

Jennifer Denza