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Kid’s Korner Toddlers

Good morning,

The Kid’s Korner Preschool offers an in-person Toddler Separation class twice a week.  Miss Pearl will lead the program designed for children 16 to 24 months. She has many years of experience guiding both children and their caregivers through a child’s first school experience. The Kid’s Korner offers a warm and cozy environment where children are afforded opportunities to learn and explore through play and interactions with their teacher and peers while learning to gradually separate from their caregiver. Our 2’s classroom offers a wide array of visual, auditory and tactile experiences. Outdoor play, in our secure backyard, allows children to explore the outdoors and space to participate in gross motor activities that develop an appreciation for nature, spatial awareness and muscle strength. Attached is a registration form with dates and tuition.
Please email if you have any questions or would like to take a tour of our facility.